Position Detail

Welding Supervisor
Advertised on : 02 Aug 2022 | Closing Date :01 Oct 2022

  1. Responsible to perform welding techniques and utilization of right equipment for optimum end results.
  2. Responsible to actively ensure welding quality according to customer’s specifications with zero defects.
  3. You are to assist Production Coordinator in welding related functions.
  4. Perform welding techniques, procedures/work instructions, and application of welding equipment to fabricate metal parts;
  5. Perform check on welding quality to ensure end result is acceptable and meeting customer’s requirements; Identify type of defects and perform corrective or preventive tasks;
  6. Fabricate and assemble metal structures using welding kit, cutters, shapers and measuring tools.
  7. Perform preventive maintenance on the welding kit and equipment;
  8. Interpret welding codes and drawing, technique sheets and other specification accurately;
  9. Pre-heats,
  10. Post-heats and cleaning metals, lays out, cuts and fits material for welding;
  11.  Ensure the fitting, burning and welding processes to avoid overheating parts, warping, shrinking, distortion and expansion of materials;
  12. Perform measurement on work piece dimensions to determine machine operation accuracy; Perform daily housekeeping and any other duties assigned from time to time.
Job Specialization : Others
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 3 Years
Work Location : Malaysia

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