Position Detail

Production Engineer
Advertised on : 21 Feb 2021 | Closing Date :22 Apr 2021

  1. Supervising the manufacturing processes, ensuring quality work is done in a safe, efficient manner.
  2. Liaising with other engineers to develop plans that improve production, costs, and labor required.
  3. Diagnosing problems in the production line and providing recommendations and training.
  4. Establishing safety procedures and protocols that take the workers' well-being into account, and that also minimize the carbon footprint.
  5. Keeping abreast of advancements in engineering and production, and sharing knowledge with co-workers.
  6. Identifying, documenting, and reporting unsafe practices.
  7. Drawing up production schedules and budgets for projects.
  8. Scheduling meetings with relevant departments and stakeholders.
  9. Analyzing all facets of production and making recommendations for improvement.
  10. Obtaining any materials and equipment required.
Job Specialization : Construction, Civil Engineering
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 3 Years
Work Location : Malaysia

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